Lincoln School Schedule

Magnus Roberts, Editor

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Lincoln Middle School has changed a lot in the past year. The biggest change we have gone through was our school schedule. Not only do we have fewer class periods, but we also have this new thing called Warrior WorkShop. We also have some core classes every other day instead of every day.  There are very mixed opinions on how this year’s schedule is organized. Some of the longer classes and some like having the classes every single day.

The first major change in the schedule is that we went from eight class periods that were around 45 minutes to a schedule that only has six classes that are around an hour and seven minutes long. This means that eighth-graders will only have Math and Reading every day. But we also have longer classes which means that teachers can cover a full lesson in one day. This is very helpful for a class like science where you need a full hour to do a lab. It can also help with a long social studies lesson that you don’t want to have to do over multiple days.

We also have this new thing called Warrior Workshop. Warrior Workshop is a time where we go to our assigned class and work on our homework or an activity that the teacher has prepared. This is a great time for many students that have after school activities and need to get their homework done. “Warrior Workshop is a good time for us to do homework, get work done, and help others.” Said Jaclyn Vargas a 7th Grader at Lincoln Middle School.

Many students use their time wisely and finish work, but there are always certain students who don’t do their work and only play games. Mrs. Clausen a 7th and 8th Grade teacher said, “Students should use the time they are given instead of just playing games. This is a great amount of time that students should use wisely.”  This is a very true statement. When we have classes every day, people should use all the time they can to do their work.

Many people think that the new schedule is a very good way of organizing the day. “We can get a lot more work done in each class with the new schedule. It is nice to finish a big assignment in one class period,” said Kiera Montez a Seventh Grader at Lincoln Middle School. It is nice to have longer classes and to have time to do presentations on a project and get them done in one day. It is also very nice to have time to finish homework and to study during warrior workshop. The school did a very good job on the schedule and I hope they continue with this one for years to come.

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Lincoln School Schedule