8th Grade Girls Basketball Try-Outs

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Here in Lincoln, we have many athletics such as volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, and track. When it comes to basketball all the students get very excited and want to help in any way. The try-outs happened on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. The try-outs usually go on for two days, but unfortunately, there was only a small number of girls, only enough for an A-team. This year Lincoln sports have 2 teams, an A-team and a B-team. An A-team is for the students who are a little more advanced, the B-team is the ones who could need some work and eventually make the way up on the A-team. Our group called the Warrior Watchers interviewed both boys and girls 8th-grade coaches. Coach Kurztrock is the 8th grade boys coach and had a few words to say about the girl try-outs. Kurtzrock believed that looking back overall he thinks there was less student involvement unlike years before. The whole 8th grade class have very little participants toward any sport. As any coach would say Kurtzrock believed that if any team puts their minds to playing ball there can be a great season. Here at Lincoln students have bad days and good days. They forget how to behave. In Kurtzrock opinion behavior should improve from the sports but again 8th grade students tend to either go with the crowd or to stay by themselves, any athletic team should decrease the chance of students not getting in trouble. The district wants to see more participations, both teams, the A and the B will always have competition. Kurtzrock see’s the team as a second string deal but that is nothing bad they just need to develop. Some coaches and students may not believe in the B-team but it is very necessary to coach Kurtzrock. Many students go to try outs and multiple of them get dropped and now there’s a chance for everyone to participate. Coaches have many different point of views. In Gomez’s point of view he believes there were truly no try-outs. Here at Lincoln we did not have any lack of interest in our 8th grade class as Coach Kurtzrock explained. Any coach will believe in their team. The season has already started and the girls are on the right track, but still could use more practice. Gomez is very passionate in his girls and knows they will have a great, season. This years try-outs were mainly the same girls as last years team with a couple of new players. Every one has their own flaws and each player still needs help, but so far coach has already seen the girls improve. Both coaches have their own ideas of the two teams. Coach Gomez mainly believes they need to be more organized. 8th grade girls were unfortunate to have a B-Team but Gomez didn’t know how to react. Necessary wasn’t the word to describe the B-Team in Gomez’s eyes. It’s a good thing if the numbers of players are there to support the B-Team, either kids will participate, otherwise there not. The B-Team is a good thing but as Coach Gomez said B-team is a great thing only if the numbers are there unlike this years 8th grade girls try-outs. Try-Outs here at Lincoln went very well but Coaches would always love to see more participation and involvement in the girls. Well the season has started all that’s left is for the girls to have their mind in playing ball and representing their school.

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8th Grade Girls Basketball Try-Outs