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Niko, J1 staff

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NJHS Community Is discussing many important topics for Lincoln Middle School. The January 12 National Junior Honor Society’s meeting discussed how to help Lincoln, and the Community by donating blankets and picking up trash and doing good deeds in general. The national junior honor society also discussed community hours and deadlines. Helping your school and your community is crucial to being a part of this glorious society. People who are in need of assistance or aide deserve it. Some People will deny it, but here at NJHS we will help you with any question you have, no questions asked. Another awesome activity the National Junior Honor Society executes is the Braden Abound Blanket drive. This drive is taken place in the winter months of the year, and it is basically providing blankets to the less fortunate so they can have some warmth for winter. This not only shows that we the people at NJHS care for our fellow friends and neighbors, but that we are determined to do The the right thing and to be generous and loving while doing it. These following quotes were captured, when we interviewed people. “I Feel like NJHS gives us chores to serve. “I think these acts are fun.” Do you think NJHS will teach you in any way? Yea, it helps us in some ways. “How does this affect our school? It helps our community. “How do hours work at NJHS work? “More hours more opportunity “What’s your opinion about the association.
“its good”

This activity gives less fortunate people a sense of love and generosity. Some individuals may ask “why does your society put so much effort into helping the community?” Our simple answer to that question is ” The Lincoln Middle School National Junior Honor Society puts so much effort because we believe that the people of the community are worth it. They deserve as much as we do. Not only that but they work hard and strong to make our community strong and Amazing. Without the people of the community, our home would be advanced. This is why we put so much effort into the community.” On February first, the National Junior Honor community will also go through with making valentines for Vets. This act basically is making Valentine hearts for our army. This shows respect and appreciation for our soldiers. At the meeting, The National Junior Honor Society also discussed the basic pillars of the society. They also discussed community hours. Hours are important because they show how determined we are to the society. For example, someone with 30 hours is more dedicated to helping the community than someone with 2 hours. if you do not complete your hours you will have to get 20 of them in the spring months. You might think that the National Junior Honor Society is only here to give kids work. Well, you are mistaking. NJHS makes kids more responsible and capable of making Lincoln and the community a better place than it already is. We help people who feel hopeless or who are less fortunate than others. We give them that warm, sensational feeling that they strive for. That feeling is Love and Tenderness. This feeling not only makes them feel like they have a family, but they are just as special as me and you are.



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