8th Grade Recognition Assembly

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On Friday, January 12, 2018, the staff of Lincoln Middle School held a recognition assembly in the cafeteria. Seventh grade was called during first period, eighth was during second and sixth was third period. The eighth-grade assembly started at 9:13 am and it ended at 9:31 am. First, they announced the A honor roll, there were twenty-six students that earned their spot. Next, it was A-B honor roll, and forty-five students achieved this. Perfect attendance had fifty-two recipients, and citizenship had nine. All of the teachers from second period on A-day selected students to be awarded for five of the I.B. profiles; risk- taker, caring, thinker, digital citizenship, and honor roll. Each of these characteristics had eight chosen students. After the assembly, our group interviewed two adults and two students to see what they thought of the assembly. The first faculty member that we interviewed was the security guard, Sammy Legarreta, he said that he enjoys the assembly and, “the eighth-grade class this year, they are a lot better this year than last years and the year before,” he is happy with this eighth-grade class. The second adult was Mrs. Clausen, she said, “On the whole, they are wonderful kids and they are going to grow into terrific and beautiful people.” We asked both of them questions about the assembly and how they felt about it, they both enjoyed the way that the assemblies were run and they think that it is good for students to be recognized for their actions. The two students that were interviewed were Sabrina Erler and Jason Nevarez, we asked them about the assembly. Sabrina said, “I think that it is nice for us to be awarded for their accomplishments.” And Jason said that “It is was a good experience to be able to be recognized for what we do.” Overall the recognition assemblies are good for the students to be able to be awarded for all of the hard work that they put into their education.

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8th Grade Recognition Assembly