Staff I.B Profile: Mrs.Blackmon

Principled, Caring, Reflective

Pierre Filerio, Contributor

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Sally Blackmon, Lincoln’s 
Middle School bookroom clerk, is best known for her outstanding job and her attitude towards helping people. Mrs. Blackmon’s job consists of keeping inventory of all the materials teachers or students might need such as poster boards, textbooks, and many others.  When she is not seen in her usual room, she can be found helping in the front office by answering phones, helping parents and students who might have a doubt. She is a very caring teacher that would always be there to assist you in a very nice and responsible way, for she is a very principled individual. Outside of school on her free time, Mrs. Blackmon enjoys spending time with her husband doing outdoor activities. She loves to garden, go camping and always tries to keep her life in balance with work and rigorous activities. Her love towards students has really impacted our school, many kids might take her job for granted but she really is superb at her job and is really important.  Students at our school should take some time out of their days and try to get to know members like Ms. Blackmon.

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Staff I.B Profile: Mrs.Blackmon