Teacher I.B. Profile: Ms. Kapsa

Caring, Knowledgeable, Open-Minded

Bryce Prado, Editor

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Ms. Kapsa is the Math resource and Inclusion teacher for 6th grade. During my interview I realized that Ms. Kapsa is very open-minded because she says one of the best parts of her job is watching students overcome obstacles. Lincoln has been her home away from home for the past five years and she said if she hadn’t pursued a career in Education she would have liked to become an Architect or a Designer. Her favorite color is teal and favorite type of food is pizza. She wants to see her students understand and cherish what they have learned and take it to help them in the future. Ms. Kapsa also demonstrates the I.B. characteristics of being caring and knowledgeable.

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Teacher I.B. Profile: Ms. Kapsa