• February 13Algebra 1 EOC: May 1st; Spanish 4 AP Exam: May 2nd; 6,7,8th STAAR Math Retesting: May 8th, 6,7,8th STAAR Reading retesting: May 9th; 8th Grade Science STAAR: May 10; 8th Grade STAAR Social Studies: May 11th

  • February 137th and 8th grade boys play at Lincoln against Ross on February 15th.

Mr. Nagle

Eliah Estrada, Period 8 J1

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I am greatly appreciative that I had the pleasure of interviewing the 7th grade keyboarding teacher Mr. Nagle. During this interview I learned many things that I had never known about Mr. Nagle and all the new facts I learned were very interesting for example Mike Nagle graduated from The University of Phoenix. Before Mr.Nagle was even a teacher he served in the military and has worked as campus patrol at other schools. I asked him what he enjoyed to do during his free time and he gave me a few answers like, watching movies, reading books, and also driving around in his car. Mike Nagle has been teaching since 2011 I asked him what he enjoyed about his job as being a teacher, and he told me he loved teaching because of how challenging it is and he loves working with kids. Not only does he like teaching he loves the school he teaches at, he stated that his colleagues are all very nice.  He loves working with them while he was a kid Mike always wanted to be a doctor and his family also agreed with him about his career choice. Mr. Nagle is over all a great teacher that I highly appreciate, and I thank him not only because he served in the military but because he is an amazing teacher. 

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Mr. Nagle